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Freight fees KM fee in case of country side
3,5 t box 3200 HUF 115 HUF
3,5 t trucks 3500 HUF 125 HUF
Tail lift trucks 4700 HUF 155 HUF
Loading fee / person / hour 2200 HUF/person
Basic fee includes 1 hour, which is equivalent with the hourly rate.
Every started half hour should be paid, min. 2 hours.Entry permits, parking fees and the toll for vehicles over 3,5t, paid by the buyer.
The KM fees are calculated back and forth, during the time of the trip we don’t calculate with extra charging.



Palletized product delivery in Budapest and its surroundings
(till 2 pieces of pallets*)
Normal Delivery** Tail Lift Car Delivery
till 250 kg 7500 HUF 8500 HUF
from 250 kg to 450 kg 8500 HUF 9500 HUF
from 450 kg to 700 kg 9500 HUF 9900 HUF
over 700 kg Individual bid
Protective packaging: 800 HUF/pallet


*Over 2 pieces of pallets inquire for favorable bid

**In case of normal delivery loading of the pallets should be ensured


Prices do NOT include the VAT!
Freight insurance is free of charge up to 100.000 HUF.