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Our comany, the Color Teher Ltd. has 25 years of history.

Head office: 38. Erzsébet Boulevard  1073 Budapest, Tax number: 14529407-2-42

Our company was founded in 1988 as Colortrans Cooperative, which profile was transporting, distributing safes and mixed goods retail trade.

After the change of regime- in Hungary (1989) we transformed to Colortrans Ltd, then, in 2008 after cleaning our profile, we kept the Color “trademark” and we continued the transporting activity as Color Teher Ltd.

Our Partners


MÜÁRT Rt : – till cessation.

EUROTREZOR Kft. / The exclusive national distributor of Wertheim safes/: continuous.

HUBEL Kft. /Belgian – Hungarian JV/ : continuous

Pátria Nyomda Zrt.: Continuous for 25 years. Continuous and exclusive transporting of the productis of the press office in Budapest and inside its agglomeration


Multinational Partners:

Since the company’s domestic appearance, we have been continuous and exclusive partners. In Budapest and inside its agglomeration, we do the delivery of the products of 22 department stores (warranty replacements, transporting between stores) with our own lorry park and with continuous dispatch service. in the other 49 rural stores, our contracted partners making the same activities.

BRICOSTORE Kft In the past 2 years (till the cessation of the chain store) we made the home delivery from the 5 stores which were connected to Budapest region with our own lorry park and with continuous dispatch service.

If you are interested in our bid, we welcome your inquiries.